How to add new domain name, A record, MX record and SPF record?

In order to add new domain name in the DNS you need to access and login with the received credentials (username and password) from your email.

Once you are logged in click on the “DNS > Add DNS-Zone” and the following page will appear: 

  • As template use "Abakomp-easy-use-template"
  • In the Domain section type your new domain name (
  • In the IP address section type the IP address of your server.
  • Click “Create DNS-Record” when done.
The system will automatically create the most common DNS records.
You can check them buy clicking on your new domain and choose the "Records" file.(see below)

Adding records to the DNS zone of your domain (A , SPF & MX) by clicking on the
DNS > choose the domain > Records. 

Click on the “A” for adding A record and the following page will appear (see picture below),
Here you need to add the Hostname which represents the domain or subdomain which will points to the IP address below.

When adding domain “” you must add a DOT (.) at the end and it will become “”.

In this way the system will not automatically add the main domain of the DNS zone at the end of the new record.
However, if you would like to add subdomain as a hostname “test” you do not have to add DOT (.).

This way the system will add the (.) and will generate proper subdomain (
The dot means fullstop.
Without a dot
eg. Test = 

  • When adding SPF record you need to click on the “SPF” from the Records tab the following window will be opened. 
  • Fill out the form properly or just add the already fixed TXT record you have from somewhere else.
  • Here you need to click on “Active” the SPF record and it will appear in the list of all records. 

In order to add MX record you need to click on the “MX” from the Records tab and the following window will be prompted:


-Hostname must be filled with the domain name which will use the mail server

-Mail server hostname must be hostname of the server which SMTP service will be used (eg.

-Priority must be changed to 20 or 30 if you want to secondary mail server for your domain.

 !!! Note that at the end of the hostname and the mail server you must add DOT (.) in order to add the correct record. !!!